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The Turf Installation Process  

Everlasting Turf from Alternative Landscaping Is a Great Solution for Home Owners Who Have Lawn Frustrations. Other Frustrations may be Muddy Paws, Muddy Feet, and for your future PGA or LPGA Golf Professional. Help improve their short game skills around the green or improve their Soccer Goalie skills.The Turf Looks Like, Feels Like Real Grass. It is Safe, Clean, and Comfortable. Urine, rain and snow drains better than natural grass. The Foundation Turf Panels snap together easy enough for even eight graders to install. They serve the purpose to support the turf as a foundation and also act as a drainage system for the entire area.They are strong enough for a fire engine truck to drive on. The easy to install turf panels allows everything to drain better. It's a Great Solution for any turf application for home owners and commercial use.

Here is what to expect in the installation of a turf project

  Foundation and Turf Installation steps to follow.

It must be noted Right up front. 

Installing turf is not just simply rolling the turf onto your existing lawn.

The most important area of any Turf Application is the Drainage ! !

Note: pricing is per square foot / not per square yard

Traditionally rock foundations are the most common turf foundations. However, now there is a much easier way to create superior turf drainage for turf applications. Its a Panel System that out performs and exceeds any rock foundation.


                        Panel Foundation                       Rock Foundation

                            Learn more as you read below.

The Panel Foundation is a premium Drainage System , Its like Horizontal Drain Tile for the entire area. Rain drains through immediately. The panels creates space and air in between the turf. Thus providing space for water and air to circulate.

A Rock base foundation is a traditional way of installing turf. This System also allows for drainage , yet more at a hour glass speed. There is no space in between the turf and rock base. 

So things to consider are how well dose your area drain now ? If you have standing water already , then the panels will likely be best. If you have several dogs , the panels would likely be best. This would help prevent the pie smell.  

1.} First you must remove grass and sod to create space for a drainage foundation system. You need to remove the sod and dirt to make room for your choice of drainage foundation. You can rent a sod cutter / rent one for approx: $100.00, Set sod cutter to deepest setting. Expect to pay 1.50 a square foot for sod and dirt removal.

Note : For larger projects you will need a small bobcat or mini bobcat. Depending on how much dirt you must take out depends on your choice of drainage foundation. A rock base without any panels will require  4 inch's of a rock base, 2 inches of clean crushed rock, a layer of fabric on the clean crushed rock and then another 2 inches of dirty crushed rock.  Which means you need to remove 5 inches of  dirt. This leaves 4 inches  for the rock foundation and about inch and a half to two inches for the turf .The rock size can be  5/8's to 3/4 inch. The rock must be a crushed rock. Smooth round rock will not work.

Note : When installing a putting green, your second layer of crushed dirty rock should be 3/8's or smaller. This allows for a smoother surface area, which allows for the golf ball to roll properly. I highly recommend the light weight panels and 2 inches of small dirty rock for a putting green. Keep in mind the panels will form to different levels of undulation and will produce a excellent roll performance for the golf ball.

Note : Synthetic Lawn Turf applications should end up at a half inch above walking level. 

Note : The least expensive way to install Turf : If your ground drains well, you can chose to just kill the grass, level out the ground and lay the fabric on the dirt and proceed to laying the turf. This is the cheap way out, yet not recommended. If your ground does not drain well, you must install a minimum of a 2 inch dirty rock base or panels for proper drainage.

Note: The rock base foundation is abrasive and involves much labor and equipment. The Panel System out performs the rock base system and is much easier and less abrasive. It also can be done in half the time of a rock base.

Note : The panel system materials cost more and out performs a rock base foundation with superior drainage. The panels run from $4.50 to $5.75 a Square foot. While the 4 inch rock base material will cost a approximate 2.60 a square foot. Remember your labor cost for a rock base foundation will cost much more than the labor on the panel installation. In some cases the rock base foundation can exceed the panel foundation expense because of labor and equipment expense. Remember Eight Graders can install the panels. They simply snap together and can also be cut with a skill saw for shaping a natural looking landscape area and the turf does not require any glue, Simply staple the turf to the panels. This also means there is no need for a additional expense of cement curbing or nailer boards.

Note : A rock foundation will require a nailer board for the outer perimeter of the turf. This will add cost to your rock base foundation. Pricing depends on your type of nailer board. Treated lumber or alternative boards. In most cases you can skip this part by placing landscape rock or mulch near the turf. Paver edging can be used to separate the turf from the landscape rock mulch etc. Also with a rock foundation you will need to use glue and and seeming tape. Much skill is needed in this process and note its messy and the glue can be very expensive.

Note : The panel foundation can be laid on a dirt surface without out a rock base, yet its recommended to install a couple inches of dirty rock. Wither you chose to lay the panels on dirt or rock you will also need our special fabric under the panels and or turf. It runs approximate .50 cents a square foot.

Note : The panels can also be installed on cement , black top and decking for superior drainage. Or you can chose to just install the turf right on top of the hard surface, however the turf will drain much slower with out the panels. For Balcony areas if you would like to direct the flow of drainage to the outer most areas of your balcony, you can lay a rubber membrane material under the panels and or the turf to accomplish this.

See Panel Slide shows at the bottom of this page

2.} Any rock base foundation needs to be compacted, Manually with hand tampers, water filled lawn rollers or a gas powered plate compacter. Theses type of compactors are inexpensive to rent. Rent a plate compacter for approximate $100.00 a day.

Note : Remember what ever your finial surface grade foundation looks like before you install the turf will be exactly what the installed turf will look like when finished. So if your surface level has lots of uneven surface areas. Then your turf will also look very uneven as well.

3.} The Turf in most cases will require a infill. The Infill in the turf creates a vertical turf blade after it is broomed. You will need one and a half to two inches per square foot of infill. The most common infill is silica sand. This will cost you approximately .50 to .75 cents a square foot.

4.} A minimum cost for a Multi Purpose Diy Turf will be $4.00


To See Pictures and pricing for Turf Products. Click on The Picture Above

Your foundation materials cost would be a choice of : {A} Dirt foundation only that drains well graded properly would cost only your labor. {B} A 4 inch Rock base foundation $2.60 per. sq. ft. plus labor. {C}A 2 inch Rock base foundation $1.50 per.sq. ft. plus labor. {D} A Panel foundation at $4.50 to $5.75 per. sq. ft. plus labor.

Note : The 4 inch rock base is 2 inches of clean crushed rock at the bottom and 2 inches of crushed dirty rock on top.

Note : The 4 inch rock foundation will require fabric in between the the two types of rock.

Note: The Panels can be placed on dirt that has been graded properly, however a 2 inch dirty crushed rock foundation under the panels would be recommended. Remember you will need to place a special fabric under the panels. So add  $1.50 for 2 inch rock foundation materials for the panels and .50 cents per. sq. ft.for the fabric.

Note : Remember the Infill for the turf will run .50 to .75 cents per square foot. 

Note : There is a Shipping cost and delivery charge for turf, panels, fabric, rock and infill. The average cost to you is .45 cents per square foot.

Note : Keep in mind that a additional charge of .50 to .75 cents per square foot may need to be added to the cost, based on the accessibility of the project.

Note : A travel cost may also be needed for projects of long distance. .50 to .75 per square foot.

So : By now, you can see that the installation of a turf project is much more than simply laying turf out on the ground. Like any type of project its the foundation of the project that ends up being the most important part. In the case of a turf project the drainage is a very important part of the project. All turfs have drainage holes yet, the holes in the turf is just the Beginning of the drainage process.

You have read a lot of information above its time for a laugh and or potty break !!!


Horse Tries to Eat our Turf off of The Truck. True Testament it Looks Real Yet does not Taste Real !!!!!!

Your DIY material cost is all based on your project area situation and your choice of foundation and your turf choice. With the above information you should be able to get a pretty good ideal of a Diy Cost of materials for your Diy PROJECT. The turf can range from  $4.00 to $6.50 a square foot, and a Rock Foundation can run $2.60 to $1.50 per square foot depending on wither you use 4 inches or 2 inches of rock. The Panel Foundation material cost can run either $4.50 for the light weight panel and $5.75 for the heavy duty panel.  

So lets recap : Sod and dirt removal is $1.50 per square foot  / Turf cost of materials will be $4.00 to $6.50 / Your foundation cost of materials can run from 1.50 to $2.60 for rock foundation and $4.50 to $5.75 for a panel foundation plus $1.50 for a 2 inch rock base under the panels / .50 cents for fabric / .50 to .75 cents for infill / .45 cents for shipping and delivery / .50 to .75 cents for accessibility / .50 to .75 cents for long travel distance projects /

We can install for you. Labor cost  $2.55 per square foot for a panel foundation and $3.75 for a 4 inch rock foundation.

Example of square foot measurement. 10 feet x 10 feet = 100 square feet 

Pet owners love the panel foundation.They are engineered with polymers that are not affected by pet waste. They are perfect solution for indoor or outdoor kennels, dog runs or pet park areas. Simply hose down the synthetic turf and urine will easily flow through the panels and drain either into the earth below or to an awaiting drain system. Our lock tight turf barbs allow for even the most rambunctious dogs to play safely without turf movement.

Below is more information about the Exciting New Foundation Panel System for Turf Installations

Time is money! Interlocking panels has changed the sub base preferences of the synthetic turf industry forever. What once required hundreds of truck loads of earth removal and stone installation to the site, is now dramatically reduced, and in many situations, eliminated all together with the snap together panels. It only takes two truckloads of panels to cover an entire football field. Depending on the scope of the project, the installation time for the panels takes hours not days, not weeks! This is a huge savings in transportation and labor fees. The traditional old way would have taken 100 plus truck loads of rock. Its a no brainier to us the panels now versus the rock foundations !!!

When it comes to interior installations, rooftops, parking lot conversions or temporary installations of fields or putting greens, nothing makes more economical sense than the panels. Install it for a lifetime or remove it in a day, you never lose your investment with the installation of the panels.

From safety to drainage, stability to ease of installation, the panels are your all in one solution. Why buy a drain mat which needs a shock pad or requires a massive stone base? The solution is a single panel.

It's so easy a children can do it, it is no exaggeration. A work force of twenty 5th - 8th grade students installed the base for a 15,000 sq ft multipurpose field in 6 hours. The entire installation from dirt to turf was completed in 3 days! In fact, you will never encountered a project location where the panel system was not a perfect solution. The lesson learned? Panel foundation ease of installation is a game changer! Designed to be installed virtually ANYWHERE!

Imagine the advantage of retrofitting an entire professional soccer stadium from natural grass to a state of the art synthetic turf in just 6 days. Poor weather conditions, lack of accessibility or availability of materials, limited installation schedules or inexperienced work crews are no challenge for a panel installation. Ease to install, easy to remove and easy on your budget.

A prominent civil engineer who specializes in base design was asked, “What are the three main reasons for base failure on an athletic field or an architectural landscaping project”? His answer was quite simple, water, water and more water.

The panel system is designed to provide superior vertical and horizontal water flow, draining water away from the athlete and off the field. With vertical flow rates ranging from 340 to 1500 inches per hour running through the panels, coupled with side cell design which allows water to rapidly flow under the panels, when it rains. Regardless of whether you are installing on a permeable or impermeable surface, the storage capacity built into every panel provides time for water to dissipate into the ground or run under the panels to an awaiting drainage system. A perfect combination of practicality and performance.

Every parent knows the thrill and anxiety that often comes with watching a child or student play a sports. Whether it’s an athletic field or a playground, the thought of a life changing injury is hard for any parent to imagine.The Panel System is designed to provide softer falls resulting in a safer play surface. The result is positive energy funneled right back to the athlete enhancing performance and endurance.

Panels provides superior shock absorption while channeling positive energy restitution back to the athlete, ensuring peak performance. The structural design dissipates the fall energy away from the athlete, like a pebble being dropped in a pond, while delivering the proper peak performance energy back to the athlete. In essence, The Panels has accomplished the goal of an entire industry; providing a safer playing surface while improving the performance of the athlete.

So Easy to Install Even 8th Graders Can Install

Five Steps for a Great foundation

1. Ease of Installation


2.  Structurally Strong


Built solid to play safe” The panels are made of postindustrial recycled polymers and molded into superior design capable of withstanding tremendous loads and impact. This structural superiority allows for the dramatic reduction of traditional ground preparation, while delivering the strength required to support the weight of emergency vehicles and maintenance equipment.

For a non-turf application, place our panels on a properly prepared perfected base cover them with decorative concrete pave-rs. Instantly...a driveway capable of supporting the family vehicle.

3. Cost Effective


4. Engineered to Perform


5. Safety Performance


Slide Show Of Foundation Panels

                                                          Heavy duty Foundation Panel / 31.28 Each

Minimum order is 8 panels that covers 43 square feet

One Inch Height / Approximate 30'' x 30'' = total 5.44 square feet

Best used in Commercial Applications / Sport Fields  / High Traffic Areas

This Panel will cost you $5.75 a square Foot



Light Weight Panel 24.48 Each

Minimum order 14 panels that covers 76 square feet

3/4 Panel Height Approximate 30'' x 30'' = total 5.44 square feet

                                                         This Panel will cost you $4.50 a square Foot

                                     This panel is affordable and also great for Putting Green Applications


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